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"Adaptil for puppies and dogs."

Adaptil for puppies and dogs.

Many customers have come to Pets Korner for advice on bringing home a new puppy or wanting to help their adult dog who has become stressed with an activity. We recommend Adaptil to our dog owners as is can help with puppy night crying, during training your dog, socialisation, staying in kennels, visiting the vet, staying home alone, travelling and events such as Christmas, fireworks or a new baby in the home. Adaptil is available in a diffuser, as a collar, or as a spray - which can be used on bedding, inside your dog's crate or kennel and in the car. Pop into our store in Stamford or Oakham to find out how it could help your dog.

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Mon - Sat, 9am to 5pm

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FREE local delivery on orders over £25