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Green Dog Food
"Green Dog foods reflect the diet of the First Friend and good health follows quite naturally."

Many modern processed dog foods contain un-natural ingredients, which are increasingly associated with health problems and many essential natural nutrients are missing. A good diet has consistently been a cornerstone of good health for many generations and this still holds good today. Most practicing holistic vets will tell you that about half of the cases that come through the surgery door can be cured simply by changing the diet and in the rest of the cases, improving the diet is a key part of the treatment.

Optimum feeding for good health, cannot be obtained depleted by-products fortified with synthetic chemicals in an attempt to imitate the real thing, but in the exclusive use of raw materials that the dog was designed to eat. If the right combination of whole raw materials are used, cooked in the traditional way, nothing else is needed.

Drop into the shop in Stamford Walk or call 01780 756082 for Green Dog Food.

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