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Pets Korner and Tails 'n' Whiskers are the one-stop pet shops in Stamford and Oakham for all your quality pet supplies. We have been trading as first class pet suppliers for pet food, pet accessories, and all other pet supplies for our Stamford customers for 13 years and with our new pet shop in Oakham, sell an excellent range of pet food and pet accessories for cats, dogs, fish, birds, and small animals.

We pride ourselves on stocking a wide range of pet foods with natural ingredients in our pet shop and have many loyal Stamford and Rutland customers who know that as specialist pet suppliers we offer quality pet accessories, including specialist pet foods, all at competitive prices. We also offer free delivery of pet supplies within a five mile radius of Stamford and Oakham on larger orders.

We are more than just a pet shop. Our aim is to support Stamford and Oakham pet owners so they can give their pets exemplary care and attention. We are committed to provide all our Stamford and Oakham customers with the advice they need on pet food, pet accessories, and all other pet supplies.

01780 756082


15/16/17 Stamford Walk, Stamford, Lincs, PE9 2JE

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01572 759000


38 High Street, Oakham, Rutland, LE15 6AL

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Mon - Sat, 9am to 5pm

Mon - Sat, 9am to 5pm

FREE local delivery on orders over £25. Please contact us for more information.

Pets Korner

15/16/17 Stamford Walk

Stamford, Lincs, PE9 2JE

T: 01780 756082

E: info@petskorner.co.uk

Tails 'n' Whiskers

38 High Street, Oakham

Rutland, LE15 6AL

T: 01572 759000

E: info@tailsnwhiskers.co.uk

FREE local delivery on orders over £25